Clean Green Services and Logistics Company in Jordan:

Clean Green is the one and only company of its kind in Jordan. In Clean Green, we provide all kinds of required services and all matters of logistics for the unlimited variety of engineering construction sites.

The services provided by us are unique and technically advanced, therefore; we can provide best and flawless services to all construction sites in Jordan. Clean Green provides different types of services to construction sites in Jordan such as Tower Lights, Caravans, Portable Toilettes, Diesel Generators, Site Logistics Services, Waste Management, PV Panels Cleaning, CCTV Installation, and HSE. Along with that, we also maintain all the safety and security standards.

Clean Green is the owner of the unique idea of serving construction sites in Jordan with whatever it needs. Our modus operandi is transparent and clear in which we follow the steps laid down by our company that starts from the total survey of the construction site and ask them about their needs and requirements. On the basis of that, we provide the materials which the site needs and keep maintaining the quality of work. It is very important for us to meet all the requirements or needs of the construction sites so that the construction work continues at its normal pace and work can be completed within a scheduled time frame without any problem.

We provide caravans for rent or sell in Jordan to the under construction sites for the purpose of living of their workers, tower lights which are used for providing lights to the construction sites at night, portable or chemical toilettes for the workers in the site, providing diesel generators when there is a need of electrical power, site logistics materials that are required for various purposes, waste management services so that there will be no garbage remains on the site and it should be clean, Clean Green also provides services for solar construction sites services in Jordan which are called PV panel cleaning, our service for this material involves manual cleaning and semi-automatic cleaning by truck, we also provides services for CCTV installation for safety and security purpose at the construction sites, and HSE service we provide for the safety of the construction sites in case of any accident.

Our services company in Jordan is very popular for its maintaining of all the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), which are basic immunities which every company should follow especially the companies who are providing services to the construction sites. It is for these reasons that our company Clean Green has become popular among all the construction sites. The processes followed by us are all international standards, our company Clean Green adhere to international safety guidelines and our services are well tested and trusted. We have a strong workforce which operates 24/7 to provide better services to all construction sites, we work as a team when it comes to providing quality services to our clients and complete the work at the given time line which is a good progression of our work.